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Date 04 November 2020

The International Time Capsule Society (ITCS) curates and preserves an international library of time capsule which can be recorded, found, accessed and researched over the next few centuries. It strives to document all types of time capsules throughout the world, to make this information more accessible and to promote and enhance the careful study of time capsule. 

To this end we are advising the public about a number of changes which will take place over the next several months starting November 2020:

1. Time Capsule registry consolidation 

The registry of time capsule held in the Not Forgotten Library Depository and those held by Oglethorpe University and the International Time Capsule Society will be consolidated under the holdings of the Not Forgotten Library Depository.

2. Records transfer

The records of time capsule that the ITCS currently holds in its possession will be permanently transferred to the Not Forgotten Library Depository.

3. Records will be made public 

The records are considered archival records. Archives are public institutions and must be publicly accessible and available for use. Additionally, the purpose of libraries are to make the world’s knowledge more accessible. In voluntarily sharing information about a time capsule with the library for inclusion in the registry, a contributor is by definition ensuring its information is accessible.  In accordance to these librarian and archival definitions we intend to make the archives of time capsule public.

The time capsule records will be digitized, cataloged and mapped in the library holdings catalog and recorded  and made public in the WorldCat. 

5. Some [limited] personal data may become public 

Time Capsule records often by necessity have the characteristics of the individual archiver. The methods used to valorize and describe the registry collection includes information on the creators of the Time Capsule. With the exception of any personal phone numbers, emails and personal addresses the information associating a Time Capsule and its owner will by definition be public and not private.

6. Retrieval dates will determine what information is made public 

Any available information concerning “opening / retrieval date”  provided in the records will guide decisions around which records and data points are made public immediately. Specifically this means:

  • If an opening date has already passed, all the information submitted will be made public with the exception of any personal phone numbers and addresses 

  • If no date is specified, all the information submitted will be made public with the exception of any personal phone numbers, emails and personal addresses

  • If the opening date is in the future, a public library record will be published about the existence of that Time Capsule. Only minimal information will be shared publicly. The location, opening instructions and contents of the Time Capsule are to remain private on the records held by in Trust and released only after the public opening date. Personal phone numbers and addresses will never be made public. 

Time Capsule owners can elect a private option 

Time Capsule contributors to the registry are invited to advise us of their specific choice should they NOT want a public library record of their Legacy Product. These legacy product will be recorded privately in the library holdings (the registry) but will not be made public. This information will remain private until the public opening date.


By When 31 December 2020


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