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The Not Forgotten library depository

The International Time Capsule Society is  dedicated to tracking the world's time capsule to ensure that those that are created are not lost. Paul Hudson founder of ITCS and alumni of Oglethorpe University estimates that more than 80 percent of all time capsules are lost and will not be opened on their intended date.

The International Time Capsule Society collects and oversees time capsule registrations from all over the world, of all types of time capsule,  and has received many thousands of registrations for over 30 years. On receipt of a new registration the ITCS catalogs each time in the Not Forgotten Library Depository and provides public access to the Time Capsule records. 

In 2020 through formal deaccession, the physical and digital records of time capsules that Oglethorpe University holds in its possession were permanently transferred to the Not Forgotten Library Depository thereby consolidating the registry of time capsule held in the Not Forgotten Library Depository together with those held by Oglethorpe University on behalf of the International Time Capsule Society.​

All registrations received on hardcopy between 1990-2020 by the Society are currently  being mapped and digitized on behalf of ITCS by Not Forgotten by volunteer transcribers, and added to WorldCat

New registrations and volunteers can be submitted through the ITCS website. 

This is a free service funded by volunteers and resource donation.



Caring for the records

The Not Forgotten Digital Preservation Trust has been established with the primary mission to care for the library of Not Forgotten’s Time Capsule and and to preserve the ITCS records of Time capsule for centuries to come.

Each new Time Capsule Record is incorporated into the assets of the Trust, mapped and cataloged in the library.

The repository reference:


WorldCat registry : 263566

Series / collection:

Time Capsule registry Collection Identifier : p21072coll2 

Advisory Committee Special collections administration

The library is overseen by an Advisory responsible for the administration of the library's continuing obligations for hundreds of years – caring for and making decisions concerning the Time Capsule, the catalog of time capsule and the infrastructure which supports them.

It is funded through the Not Forgotten Guarantee Trust Fund.

In addition to the registry of Time Capsule, the library also houses the Time Capsule Special Collection, which includes holdings of digital time capsule licensed to the library by their creators. The library as trustee of the assets is responsible for

  1. overseeing the Time Capsule holdings

  2. preserving and housing the Time Capsule in the form of virtual and physical tapes or prevailing archive technology,

  3. maintaining and preserving a reliable and comprehensive set of Time Capsule holdings records,

  4. making the records of the Time Capsules and contents content public and accessible in the interest of cultural heritage preservation

  5. running programs of work related to (a) the preservation and maintenance of the Time Capsules including updating technologies and file format migrations, blockchain code updates or changing storage providers. (b) recordkeeping, and (c) making registry and records public and accessible;

  6. operate a library management system that facilitates global sharing of the archives; and communicate about the Library, including its value, methodology and retrieval fees to access to the content, to relevant library, genealogy, media and archiving communities, and to the public;

  7. review and adopt appropriate succession plans for the archives;

  8. ensure Not Forgotten library is relevant, updated and aligned with the missions, goals and objectives governing library, genealogy and archival structures of the time

  9. implement appropriate archiving and preservation policies, audits and standards

  10. demonstrate leadership in cultural heritage preservation in community-wide efforts to ensure the long-term preservation and availability of the scholarly record; To encourage study of the time capsules and the human stories through AI

The Not Forgotten Guarantee Trust Fund

Exists in service of the library. The primary purpose of the Trust is to protect the funding of the Library; to provide financial support to the Library and to be able to support the records and Time Capsules held by the Library, by investing the funds.

This is a free service operated by the library, which is funded through donations and contributions. We welcome any support! 



The international time capsule registry holdings

Archives are public institutions and must be publicly accessible and available for use. The purpose of libraries are to make the world's knowledge more accessible. The Depository is designated both as a special library and an archive with OCLC (library symbol IEFDP), sharing its "library of human experience" and holdings information with the public and employing a library management system that facilitates global sharing.

Time capsules registered on the International Time Capsule Register have public library records of their capsule which are made accessible through the public OCLC library catalog.

Archival records are defined as a cultural monument in US legislation. Care and protection of archival records is defined in the declaration of archives and in the code of archival ethics.

As an archive Not Forgotten adheres to preservation policy standards set forth by the U.S. Library of Congress, the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration, and WITNESS. As an institutional member of Association of Moving Image Archivists Not Forgotten follows the recommended guidelines of the (United States) National Digital Stewardship Alliance Levels of Digital Preservation and the “Guidelines for the preservation of digital heritage” from UNESCO. The Not Forgotten preservation system aligns with the goals outlined within the Open Archival Information Systems (OAIS) Reference Model (ISO 14721:2003). Video records are maintained in a ISO-27001 certified data repository system

In accordance to these librarian and archival procedures Not Forgotten describes its holdings including information on the owners and creators of the Time Capsules. The information which is captured inside of and in association with the archive and library records will by definition be public and not private. "Advance directives” are used to enable privacy for a period, but to make the Time Capsules and Time Capsule Register all ultimately public. The records by necessity have the characteristics of the individual archiver. After the Public Availability Date the public may also obtain copies of the record in question through the library.

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